18 January, 2023

One or two people have commented that I haven't updated my blog recently.

The reason that I haven't updated this blog recently, is because some time ago, I started a new one.  To catch up with FanShi and me, please go to FanShi: Wandering and Wondering

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  1. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Their is a small harbour next to our house and i have been fascinated by a beautiful boat that appears their then disappears for months on end . Its inspired me to start looking for a boat and hopefully building on the skills to head off and just travel. After a little internet research the boat is black and yellow and is called badger and looks just like your old boat. To think its traveled the world while i whent about my daily drudge . You ar an inspiration and i have just ordered your book thank you .
    Haverigg Cumbria