31 January, 2021


On my last post, I forgot to mention two new videos on my YouTube channel.  The first is of the launch itself; the second is of the launch and the first sail in company with other juks.  This has video interspersed with still photos.

 The YouTube links are: Launch and Launchng and first sail

I tried to post them here but my tablet spit the dummy!


  1. Hello:

    I was a little late to following your blog and the build.

    I've searched high and low through your blog and I'm curious why you chose this design ... specifically shoal draft and lee boards. (I've read about your preference for the Junk rig and to manage your sails and steering from the cabin.) Where do you plan to cruise that makes the shoal draft more desirable?

    If you've already written about this, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  2. Hi Scott

    There is quite a lot of discussion about the design on the JRA website here: https://www.junkrigassociation.org/technical_forum/3144241?mlpg=31
    You don't need to be a member to read it.

    Shoal draught is not only useful in places with shallow water: even in 'normal' cruising grounds, it enables you to get in closer to the beach and therefore closer in to shelter. However, There is a lot of shallow water in the Northland/Auckland region and drawing only 2ft 6ins, does mean you can go further and do more. The leeboards are there, of course, to help the boat sailig close-hauled. To my mind, they have two major advantages over a centreboard: they don't take over the centre of the boat and the slots don't get filled up with mud and stones. FanShi doesn't have a traditional backbone, but she does have a shallow keel which makes the bottom enormously strong.