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In Greenland

Iron Bark

Iron Bark
Under full sail


At Russell Boating Club's Tall Ships Regatta

Annie Hill

Annie Hill
Photo credit: Alvah Simon

Blue Water Medal

Blue Water Medal
Blue Water Medal

Books By Annie Hill

  • Brazil and Beyond
  • Voyaging on a Small Income

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06 December, 2008

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Keith said...

Lovely to see an update Annie, some wonderful photos... Keith on The Flying Tortoise.

Uke said...

Hello Annie

I wanted to say thank you so much for Voyaging On A Small Income. One of my favorite books of all time! I have read it multiple times since I bought it 10 years ago. You are an inspiration to me.

Best of luck to you & Trevor. I'm glad I found your blog! Looking forward to reading it.


nospam said...


Found your blog after getting an email from you about your ASUS computer.

What a find! Great photos. Please do keep it up.

I am going to post a link on the JR group so maybe you will get some more visitors.


Mrs. Snead said...

Are you still traveling??? I happened upon your blog while looking for pictures of icebergs for my art class. Our school theme this year is "Around the world in 180 Days" Seems your blog goes right along with it. let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, Bit of a blast from the past, Falmouth Classics when I came on board with Charlotte and Chloe and my ex. Your journeys are an inspiration and the reason I am writing this tonight is that a friend wanted to buy a book about cruising and you immediately came to mind! . I and many others envy your lifestlye. Have fun x

Patrick Jordan said...

Best of Luck to you & Trevor
Have both your great books, thanks!
Your photos and comments brought back many memories of our recent visit to Tasmania with our caravan... a flight into Melaleuca and boat trip to Bathurst Harbour, again thanks!
Hope you intend to sail up the East Coast......we live near Wollongong on the NSW South Coast.
Regards and fair winds

vonasi said...

Hello Annie

Your book 'V'oyaging 'ON A S'mall 'I'ncome' was such an inspiration to us that we named our boat after it - VONASI.

Have to admit that we are not as 'simple' as you were in Badger but as I am a mechanical/electrical engineer we can get by with a few more creature comforts. Having said that our 27 year old 33ft Westerly Discus could hardly be described as a gin palace and we do cook on paraffin!

Looking at your blog we have failed to be anywhere near as adventurous as you have - it's taken us four years to get from the UK to Turkey - but we are enjoying living on a small income (we do) and thank you for your inspiring book.

Happy Sailing...
Chris and Claire
S/V Vonasi

tdistudent said...

I was curious if your iron barque has insulation similar to Badger. I have been corresponding with Mr. Benford about the boat. I will end up building the 37 and a half foot sailing dory for reason #4 in the building boat chapter of Voyaging on a Small Income. Also, thanks for including the 200 Pound Millionare by Weston Martyr in the 2nd edition.

May your sails always be full.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie

I have read most of your blog. Brilliant. Great reading. The date is now November 26th 2008. Where are you now? and when are you going to give us an update in Yachting Monthly in the UK???

Kind regards


adrian.moss said...


When are you going to update your blog. I look forward to more articles in Yachring World

Kind regards