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Blue Water Medal
Blue Water Medal

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28 August, 2014

Anchoring under sail

There has been a little bit on the JRA Website about anchoring under sail. My good friend Zan on Demara,  made a video, which concluded with me anchoring Fantail in Matauwhi Bay, last summer, under sail.  It looks amazingly easy in the video.  It is!  Another reason that junk rig is so good for single-handed sailors.  Here is the full video - I found that the clips I originally posted, didn't work.


Unknown said...

Good to see Fantail in motion!

Cheers, Arne
at 59:00deg N, 5:45 E

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the embeded video works on some machines but not on my iPad. Might post the link too. Glad to see your posting again and hope all is well.

Annie Hill said...

Sorry, I can't post the link: the videos are on my computer and I don't know if they are in the 'public domain.

joseph said...

hi annie,
thks for the video's.lovely sight,moving so well.
heard from phil r. regarding his visit.
keep in touch,
david g.x

Jason V said...

Hi Annie,

Curious if there are more extensive videos available showing singlehanded anchoring on a junk rig. Really curious to see how it all works!


Anonymous said...

Dear Annie,

The live-a-board way of life is something I practiced some years ago, and I will start again over the seas as soon as the current refiting of my boat will be finished. I regret two things: have not known before the plans of the dories of Jay Benford, because I think I would have spend less money in a whole building than in a refit; and the second: to have not known before about your book "sailing on a small income" which would probably have help me a lot! But this book is not translated in french, while there is many "children of Moitessier"... As I am an author and a translator of english books, I would be happy to do this job if you agree...

Perhaps you would like to know more about me: I was a delivering skipper and I operated as shipyard during more than 30 years, with something as 25 transatlantic passages, 2 deliveries to Tahiti, and many thousands of miles in european waters. I stopped due to the global crisis -and two sons to bring up, but now they are adults (well, something usually called adult but...) and I began to publish ome novels I wrote and to translate some books of sailors never published in France: Thomas F. Day, Harry Pidgeon, Charmian London, Owen Chase... As nothing more hold me, I wish to start again sailing when carrying on writing. First step: cape Horn, after finishing the refit!

Well, I was long... as a novelist could be even to explain simple things! Sorry... My email is and so you have understood my name is Olivier Merbau!

Whatever would be your answer, take care of you and of your nice little junk! I love this rig, mine is gaff yawl, but it's nice!

Sincerely yours

Annie Hill said...

Hi Olivier. Many thanks for your wonderful comment. It would be great to see 'Voyaging on a Small Income' translated into French. Maybe we should discuss it when you get to NZ (which you obviously will!). Fantastic that you are translating some of the classics: I really wish they'd be made into e-books too, they are too good to languish and die.

Gaff yawls are very pretty, and I'm so pleased that other people have them, but I confess to loving the ease with which a junk can be sailed. I hope you get away soon and managed to get that refit finished.