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Iron Bark
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Blue Water Medal
Blue Water Medal

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06 November, 2020

A video of Fanshi

For those who enjoy such things, David Tyler has published a video of Fanshi on his YouTube channel.  It was taken a couple of mnths ago and, I warn you, is very long, but you can always skip the bits that seem boring!  You can find it here

I wanted to link it to my YouTube channel - one or two comments have asked for a video of the boat in build - but I couldn't find a way.  If anyone knows how to, would you be so kind as to leave the instuctions in a comment, please?


none said...

Nicknozzy said...

hy annie here is a link to your video published by david on his youtube channel , copy and paste it and it should be clickable..
ps loving your boat

Annie Hill said...

Hi, what I as trying to do was to link from my YouTube page to David's: I'd already put a link on here. Nick has kindly left the link in the comments on my YouTube channel, so hopefully, people will see that.

Val said...

Love the video, Love the boat, love it all....

Bravo Smith said...

Very informative excellent sharing.