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Iron Bark
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Blue Water Medal
Blue Water Medal

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18 July, 2011

Today was a really lovely one.

We had beautiful weather and as soon as there was a breeze we left Sambro and headed out towards the passage between Inner Sambro I and Cape Sambro. With a leading wind, we sailed through; the shoreline was pretty, covered in black spruce on the grey rock.

Soon we could see the handsome lighthouse peeking over the land.

The trees gave way to grass, at the end of the island as we came out into the bay.

We now had a clear view of the lighthouse and the keepers’ cottages, which looked abandoned. The lighthouses are no longer manned of course, but the Sambro Light must have been one of the cushier numbers. It would have been very rare for the keepers to have been stranded due to bad weather, so close to the mainland.

We bowled along happily, passing Halifax and several other possible harbours as we made best use of the wind to get along the coast. We made it to Shelter Cove in Popes Harbour, but once again the wind died away and we finally started motoring in order to get in before dark. It was a gorgeous anchorage and for once we shared it with another boat.

The main water tank ran out as I was cooking dinner and Trevor accused me of squandering all our water because he filled it up just before I arrived.  However, I can't see that I've used any more than I usually do.  But we have another tank and that should easily last for several more days.

Trevor reckons that the cove is well-named and that in case of a hurricane, it would be possible to tie at all four corners and be safe. Unfortunately, as is so often the case along this coast, it’s not possible to go ashore for a walk without arduous bush bashing.  But it was lovely to look out of the galley window as I cooked dinner and to be able to admire our beautiful surroundings.

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mike said...

ANNIIIIEEEE!!! Its so nice to "see" you! Its been umm, 12 years since we met in HoutBay, (Have some naughty memories of New Years eve HA
We might be heading to NZ. Hope to bump into you, we have friends there we want to see.
Liz was 9 when we went cruising, she is now a Chief Officer on ships...

Please go peep at our web page to remember who the hell we are, and drop us an email from there...